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We had dinner there today.  Really cool place. Halal food, home food, soul food served there. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the food. Very tasty and a little spicy! I had a curry goat with jollof rice and plantains.  The prices are very affordable too, and the menu is straight forward. No complicated words! 

 Aubierge M

Mama’s Shack has excellent service and delicious food. Staff are really lovely, they took the time to come and speak to myself, including the chef. My ribs were cooked so beautifully, and the flavours were out of this world. Menu is small so all of the dishes are bound to be mastered. I think this is now my new go to place for food cooked to perfection and it has only been open a short while. Can’t wait to go again, I need to try everything on the menu! 

 Nasima Bee

This newly opened restaurant is the golden gem of rusholme.  First off, the food is impeccably Good. I came here three times in four days and I’ve tried an item of each bit of the menu.  I tried the chicken skins and fried calamaris for starters, and they were perfect and crunchy.   The beef ribs is a masterpiece and i recommend it to everyone, it melts slowly in the mouth with a very strong smokey flavour.   The seafood stew with the bread is also a very lush tasting thing and everything in it is perfect.  

 Abdulaziz Abdoh


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